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Date:2017-11-16 10:30
Speaker:Dr. Michel Delseny (Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS, Univ. of Perpignan, France)
Topic:A journey in the ribosome factory
Date:2017-10-20 11:00
Speaker:Dr. Chih-Horng Kuo (Associate Research Fellow, Inst. of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica
Topic:Genomic Characterization of Host-associated Bacteria in the Class Mollicutes
Date:2017-05-18 14:00
Speaker:Dr. Josef Komenda (Senior scientist and head of the Laboratory of photosynthesis, Department of phot
Topic:Photosystem II repair cycle and the role of FtsH proteases in cyanobacteria
Date:2017-04-17 10:30
Speaker:Ms. Yen-Ling Lin (Dr. Su-Chiung Fang’s Lab)
Topic:Size-mediated cell cycle control by a SUMO protease in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomona
Speaker:Miss Ying-Ling Yang (Dr. Chii-Gong Tong Lab)
Topic:Beneficial Applications of orchid mycorrhiza, Rhizoctonia solani.
Speaker:Dr. Samuel C Chang (Dr. Yu-Chan Chao’s Lab)
Topic:A tale of three fungi
Faculty Positions in Biotechnology Center in Southern Taiwan of Agricultural Biotechnology Research
Circular Economy - New Business Opportunities Based on Innovative Biotechnology
Congratulations to Mr. Bang-Chi Lin for receiving the The Second Place Poster Award of ISEGB2017
Congratulations to Dr.Shu-Hong Lee for receiving the ABRC 18th Annual Poster Competition Award
Congratulations to Ms. Yen-Ling Lin for receiving the 2017 Travel Grant Award


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