2024Summer Student Research Program(已申請截止)

2024 Summer Student Research Program 


    In order to incubate and stimulate youngsters’ interests in biotechnology, we, the Academia Sinica Biotechnology Center in Southern Taiwan (AS-BCST), encourage college students to participate in specific research projects during the summer vacation.  For the admitted college students, they will be guided by our faculty according to their interest preference field. 


All college students studying in life science-related field.


From July 1 to August 30, 2024.(已申請截止)


Each admitted student is provided with a minimum allowance $10,000 per month, and an accommodation allowance is provided to students whose registered place of residence is outside of Tainan City.

 Certificate of completion

After students complete their research projects, a certificate of completion will be issued.


Please visit the website ( to browse the research direction of each laboratory, select one to three labs you are interested in, and apply online.

Dr. Ming-Tsair Chan  E-mail:

Dr. Su-Chiung Fang   E-mail:

Dr. Yu-Liang Yang  E-mail:

Dr.Ming-Jung Liu  E-mail:

Dr.Yao-Cheng Lin  E-mail:

Dr. Masashi Yamada  E-mail:

Dr. Jer-Young Lin  E-mail:

Dr. Yun-Chu Chen  E-mail:

Dr. Chii-Gong Tong   E-mail:

Dr. Swee-Suak Ko  E-mail:

Dr. Sy-Chyi Cheng  E-mail:


Online registration website



Review process and results

  When the deadline is due, faculty in each laboratory will review all the applications and contact the applicants for interviews. The final results will be announced on the website dated May 31, 2024.

Application deadline: April 30, 2024

Contact person: Miss Ying-Ling Yang

Telephone: (06)216-6832   



Add:No. 100, Sec. 1, Guiren 13th Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

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